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More information on our holiday health/fitness contest. 

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1. Always keep control of the weight when doing strength exercises.

2. Never bounce on exercise movements, especially stretching movements (ballistic movements).

3. Focus on (visualize) the muscle as it's being worked.

4. Try to relax all other muscles that aren't being worked, at that time.

5. Always keep back straight in all exercises (don't slouch, keeping shoulders back adds to the natural curve of the spine).

6. If you are using heavy weight with your lower back, use a supporting weight belt.

7. Always remember to breathe when exercising, use your breathing to help you. Breathe out on the positive (pushing weight up or exhale), and breathe in on the negative (pushing or pulling weight down or inhale) part of the exercise.

8. Drink your water, at least 8-10 eight ounce glasses with some good filtering system.

9. Never stay in the gym when you really don't want to be there. If you have to, just leave for the day. If this becomes a regular occurrence, you should re-analyze your goals. This should always be a positive experience. 

10. Read labels on food at the store. Try to avoid eating something you don't know what it is or can't pronounce. Or if it looks natural but says flavored, this could mean itís not natural.

11. When exercising or just physically doing something, try to use both sides of the body. This means if you are right handed, try to write, spread, nail with your left equally.

12. Learn how to listen to your body. As you become in tune with your body, it will tell you when it ex. dehydrated, tired, low on nutrients, do more reps, etc.

13. Never eat a sugar food items before regular food. If you have to give in to a small sugar craving, dilute it down with couple glasses of water.

14. When you get out of car, twist your whole leg, not just your foot to not put pressure on the ligaments in the knee joint.

15. Try to keep your food in kitchen if you are watching TV or doing something else in another room, get up and go back to kitchen to get another bite.

16. There is a natural remedy, that works, for about anything. These are much better than medications in the long run if, you can.

17. People who eat more hot food tend to burn more calories. So limit those cold sandwiches.

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Health and Fitness Code:

Please consult your physician before performing any exercises.

At any time during your workout, if you feel faint, dizzy, loss of breath, or extra tired: Stop Exercising Immediately!