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We Give Excuses For Fitness

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We are bombarded with all kinds of media everyday, that has to do with health and/or fitness.

Yes, we know we need to exercise, need to eat right, be more health conscious about ourselves. It took you 10 years to put on your 40 extra pounds of weight and you think it will come off in a month. You donít want to work another 1-2 years to get it off and gone for good. You got used to carrying those bags of potatoes-like around, having to resituate the body to bent, stand up and get little aches and pains. As we get older, little aches and pains are common, we learn to deal with them. You say, ďmy knee has always hurt since I was little, old sports injury, since I gained the extra weight, I just canít climb stairs so, I canít or donít want to deal with fixing it.Ē Iíd rather just deal with the pain till it gets worst, take some pain killers so, I can do my normal life. Oh itís hereditary, most of my family has knee problems, my family has heart problems, family has high cholesterol. We may even be having a stressful, long, starving day and our body hurts all over.

The thing with these, true to life, examples is we concede to them and except them as the norm. Itís what everyone else says to just deal with it till it gets worst, get on the medications, to ease the symptoms, till you die. I know this may sound harsh but itís true, isnít it? Our bodies canít talk through our mouths to communicate to us but it tells us a whole assortment of things throughout the day if, we just listen. Then when we just brush it a side, to say I donít have time for you now, it does a remarkable thing and adapts, the best it can. This adjustment is only meant to be temporary because itís not a fix to a problem. If you brake one leg and donít have proper healing support, the body will support your activities on the good leg, till it gets fatigued. Thereís a lot more that happens in the body, when something suppose to be short term but is portrayed as a long term fix. Another example, you go outside in the cold, without a coat, maybe you are busy talking to a friend. You feel fine for a little while, the body adjusts, then your immune system is becoming vulnerable and so neat, the body then helps you think clearer saying, dummy get your coat. ha ha. If this situation continued for a longer period of time, we could even die. So why do we listen to the body when we are getting cold? We remember from experience and donít want to be sick. Then why donít we listen to bodies communication to us, on a lesser degree short term consequence but greater long term consequence? Thank goodness we donít have the long term consequence happen to us frequently and donít recognize the consequences, like the cold example.

Yes I know, the psychology response is giving excuses. Itís a release, pass the buck, helps us to not feel guilty about what we know we should do. I donít point out these different scenarios to solely help myself but to assist others in gaining more self understanding and feel better about themselves. I hope this newsletter will be a wakeup call for many to get out of their rut and move forward with their personal fitness/health goals. We are there to help and there are many resources out there, to help someone understand the bodies responses and additional assistance, with natural herb medications.

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You are not in this fitness puzzle alone. We are here to be a source and help.

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