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Note: If you have had any recent health/physical conditions or surgery, particularly of the joints and muscles, or if you have been inactive or sedentary for some time, please consult your physician before you start a stretching or exercise program.

Who Should Stretch

Everyone can learn to stretch, regardless of age or flexibility. You don't need to be in top physical condition.

When To Stretch

Stretching can be done anytime you feel like it: at work, at your desk, in a car, waiting for a bus, under a nice shady tree after a hike, or at the beach. Stretch before and after physical activity, but also stretch at various times of the day when you can.

Why Stretch

Stretching relaxes your mind and tunes up your body, should be part of your daily life.

Regular stretching will do the following things:

- Reduce muscle tension and make the body feel more relaxed.

- Promote circulation.

- Help coordination by allowing for freer and easier movement.


Hold each stretch for about 10-60 seconds, doing each stretch 2-3 times.

Never bounce your muscles on your stretches. Only a steady constant resistance.

Remember: you should never feel pain when stretching, just a minor tightness feeling.

Lower Back- lying on back, bring one knee to chest or can do both together. Pulling on thigh (above knee) area only.

Triceps- standing or sitting, raise arm above your head, and bend elbow behind head, with other hand, slightly pull on bent elbow towards arm.

Biceps- with one arm elbow-straight, pull arm slightly back. You can hold something or have someone else add resistance.

Wrist Flexor- with palm facing up and arm straight out, bend wrist down back towards you.

Wrist Extensor- with palm facing down and arm straight out, bend wrist down back towards you.

References for stretches: Stretching, Shelter Publications INC USA by Bob Anderson

Health and Fitness Code:

Please consult your physician before performing any exercises.

At any time during your workout, if you feel faint, dizzy, loss of breath, or extra tired: Stop Exercising Immediately!