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Beginning workouts by muscle group for gym

This could be an option if you have never done any physical exercise before and might have some health problems.

If you're not accustomed to exercise or have any kind of health conditions, we suggest that you see your doctor prior to beginning any fitness program.

Ideas For Beginning Workouts at home

You should get a good heart rate monitor.  Keep your exercise heart rate with 50-70%max.

What is my exercise heart rate range?

Start by walking 30-45 minutes around the block, or on a treadmill in the morning. Keep your pace within your health condition. Use a exercise level that you could still talk out loud to someone next to you. If your breathing is hard enough, that you would really have trouble carrying on a conversation with someone else, you need to slow down or stop to rest.

As your strength and energy with your program is improves, you could progress to going up and down the stairs (only if you don't have any knee problems), or use a treadmill and increase the incline number. If you don't have a treadmill, you could add a hill to your walk. Try to keep the same pace going up the hill as going down. As you add a more complex hilly routine, make sure you have good feet support. You want shoes that give you good support in your arch and cushions your step as you walk. 
Set little goals for yourself. (Ex. make it half way up the stairs without resting, or increase the treadmill by one number every two weeks.) 

Increasing you activity will make you feel better just, don't over do it. Most important is listen to your body. It will let you know when it's too sore from the previous workout or tired that day. Then you have to distinguish from muscle soreness or pain. If you feel pain anywhere, you may need to see your doctor. If it's just muscle soreness, it's alright to give it a day or two rest. 

If you have been told not to exercise by your doctor, because of your health condition, wait for this program, or any other, till you have full clearance. Stay within the guidelines of your doctor till you have clearance to move to a higher exercise level.


Please consult your physician before performing any exercises.

At any time during your workout, if you feel faint, dizzy, loss of breath, or extra tired: Stop Exercising Immediately!