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Home Workouts

You should only use an above average heart rate monitor.  Keep your exercise heart rate with 50-80%max, depending on your age and medical condition.

What is my exercise heart rate range?

There are many ways to exercise at home. When you workout you want to include aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Cardiovascular working exercises are aerobic. Walking around outside or on a treadmill. Walking up and down the stairs at a  faster pace. This is called Cardiovascular Training, or exercising the heart.

The weight bearing exercises are what build muscles. These are typically known as anaerobic exercises. There are many items that can be used around the house: milk cartons (put water or sand in them for added weight), paint cans (with handles), broom handle for a bar, heavy pan with handles, bigger playing balls, to name a few. Remember you want something that you can lift several times. (range 12-20 reps)

For the leg muscles, you can do seated squats: just squat down till your knees are almost parallel to the floor or with your back against a wall. Hold that position for 1-2 minutes then come back up slowly. You can also add weight by holding something down towards the floor. Making sure to keep your arms straight down the whole time. This isn't a arm exercise. Remember you're working your legs. Another exercise for the legs is to jump up toward the ceiling or a high object numerous times. Bend your knees to land with knees bent when you came down then spring back up.

For the abdominal muscles, try doing crunches (not full sit-ups) on the floor, or in bed. You are only coming up to about a 45 degrees, before you feel your tailbone. Hold a weight on your chest for increased resistance. If you have weak stomach muscles, start out by contracting your stomach muscles, hold then relax them. Make sure to breath out as you relax. This is where to release the pressure from the contraction. This exercise can be completed sitting in a chair or lying on the floor.  

Sometimes it helps to have an area or room just set-aside for exercise. The more you exercise you should enjoy being in this place.

Refer to Detailed Workouts for a beginning weight training workout.


If you have been told not to exercise by your doctor, because of your health condition, wait for this program, or any other, till you have full clearance. Stay within the guidelines of your doctor till you have clearance to move to a higher exercise level

Quick Video Home Workout

Health and Fitness Code:

Please consult your physician before performing any exercises.

At any time during your workout, if you feel faint, dizzy, loss of breath, or extra tired: Stop Exercising Immediately!