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Total Servings:3
Per-Single Serving
Calories: 721.30
Protein: 16.10
Carbohydrates: 134.69
Fat: 18.44

3 cups Plain Rolled Oats

½ cup Raisins or Sultana's

½ cup Nuts

½ cup Dried Fruit (oranges, peaches, etc.)

¼ cup Honey, melted

Mix all ingredients together in large bowl with melted honey. Mix honey in thoroughly. Spread evenly no more than an inch high on a cookie sheet. Bake at 330F for about 10-15 minutes. Till just starts to turn brown. Serve with milk on top or eat plain.

Homemade Oatmeal

Total Servings:2
Per-Single Serving
Calories: 264
Protein: 6
Carbohydrates: 58
Fat: 3

1 cup Plain Rolled Oats

2 tsp Cinnamon

1 tbsp Honey (optional)

1-2 tbsp fresh Raisins or Sultanas

Add ingredients to hot water or milk. Stir till oatmeal is soft or put back on heat and stir. Use your imagination: add fresh or dehydrated berries, raisins/sultanas and enjoy your health breakfast.

Quick French Toast

Total Servings:2
Per-Single Serving
Calories: 370.80
Protein: 15.36
Carbohydrates: 30.90
Fat: 20.45

4 slices of Whole Wheat Bread

1 tsp Vanilla Extract, organic if possible

1 whole egg, beaten

3 egg Whites, beaten

1/8 cup Milk

½ tsp Pepper

½ tsp Cinnamon (optional)

Fresh Fruit diced: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries

Turn fry pan on medium and grease with pure olive oil. Mix all ingredients except bread together in a dish bowl. Beat well with fork or beater. Add bread to mixture for a couple seconds on both sides and place in hot fry pan. Repeat till you have enough toast or want to stop. If there is egg batter left over, dump it into fry pan to fry. Serve with honey, fresh fruit on top.

Sautéed Mushrooms

Total Servings:2
Per-Single Serving
Calories: 229.94
Protein: 6.64
Carbohydrates: 10.58
Fat: 19.43

10-15 whole fresh Mushrooms, diced

3 tbsp. Butter

¼ cup White Cooking Wine

2 tbsp. Bacon Bits or lean-drained Bacon (optional)

Put butter in hot pan. Add remaining ingredients and cover to simmer for about 15-20 minutes or until the mushrooms turn dark in color. Eat by themselves or as topping, steaks, hamburger, chicken.

Wheat Banana Bread

Total Servings:6
Per-Single Serving
Calories: 351
Protein: 5
Carbohydrates: 70
Fat: 9

3 whole Bananas, peeled and very ripe

¾ cup Honey, melted

¼ cup Real Butter, melted

½ tsp. Baking Soda

1 ½ cup Flour, Whole-Grain Wheat

Put the peeled bananas in a bowl. Mash up the bananas with the back of a fork. I like it better when they aren’t perfectly mashed, as with a mixer. Add: melted butter, baking soda, wheat flour and honey (melted down). Mix everything together well. Pour into oiled bread pan. Out of oven put on a bread rack to cool.

Use only ½ cup honey if it is pretty sweet or not melted down all the way.

Makes 4 servings as 1 loaf.

Bake at 325F for 45-50 minutes. Check with a toothpick at 45 minutes.

Hearty Muscle Workout Breakfast

Sautéed Mushrooms and/or peppers, whole wheat toast with little butter (optional), 1 egg yoke with 4 egg whites.

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The breakfast meal is the most important meal of the day. Start your day out right! Even if you grab a good snack is better than nothing or waiting to lunch.