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We offer most all specialized training programs in each category title listed above. 

Some programs may be limited on the online training section.

Here are Just a Few of Our Many Satisfied Clients:

Darin, fitness and body image, offer many different fitness services. I was able to pick the services to best fit my needs and accomplish my health/fitness goals. They are great at fitness training either online or in person. You are not just another number with them, they really care about each and every client and the public for fitness needs. - Joann

For anyone considering a weight training program, I would like to recommend Darin.
He took me on as a client.
Up to that point I had "played around" with weight training and exercise, but really was clueless as to what I was doing. 
Darin taught me how to combine weight training, aerobic workout, and proper eating techniques to achieve those goals I had set for myself. In just a few short weeks, I started to see some amazing results. I thank him for getting me on the right course, and helping me to make those critical life long fitness decisions.-Jeff Smith

"I have found Darin to be an expert when it comes to helping me with my
workouts. His knowledge of the proper use of workout equipment and his love
of nutrition has helped me to better understand how I exercise and what I
eat truly matter if I want to get the most out of my workouts." - P. Wilson

"Darin is a very nice person and is the one trainer who has always been willing to answer any of my questions or help me. 
He is very knowledgeable about the different muscles, diets and foods to help lose weight and gain muscle tone.
He is a smiling, very friendly person and always checks on me, my progress and tries to give me advice or help me. 
If you are looking for a trainer or someone to help you on your workouts, I know Darin would take a personal interest in helping you to achieve your goals." - K. Winters

"Darin has an extensive knowledge of the muscles, in order to work specific muscles and provide varied workouts. I don't believe we ever did the same workout twice, so it never got boring. He was able to teach me nutritious ways to eat and methods to burn fat. He was also able to answer my many questions even if time was running out. I highly recommend Darin as a fitness trainer, for anyone who would like to see results quickly.- Elaine

Darin, fitness and body image helped me lose the weight I wanted and to help me make my life long term goals, that I needed, to change my life forever. They are still there for me today, because they care. Thanks a lot. - Peggy

I wanted to get in better fitness shape and balance was off. If I dropped something I couldnít even try to pick it up for I would fall over. I can now pick things up off floor and feel a lot better. -Arlo

I have worked with Darin on my hip and lower back problems for the last few months and have improved in a short period of time. We worked both flexibility and strength in those areas and I feel stronger and am able to do many of my hobbies like biking hiking without any pain or discomfort. Darin takes his time finding the source of the problem and then focuses on that area gradually until youíre ready to move on to the more advanced training. I highly recommend Darin as a trainer. He takes the time to explain whatís going on and how he can help you in reaching your goals. He truly cares about his clients strives to make sure you reach your goals. -Helen

I would highly recommend Darin as a physical trainer. I was having difficulties with injuries and he was excellent at adjusting my training without further pain and still have a successful workout. He very knowledgeable with nutrition and physical training.- Craig

So I had two issues that were impeding my personal goals to fitness and what I wanted my body to look like and how I wanted to feel. One was a shoulder pain that prevented me from performing certain shoulder exercises. The second issue was my program was not doing for me what I wanted it to. I felt like I was wasting my time and efforts in the gym.
I had a conversation with Darin and he introduced me to a program that not only removed my shoulder pain it also was a more complete workout, tailored to my body specifics, allowing me to get the most out of my time in the gym with better than expected end results. The extra bonus is; His program streamlined my original workout. I got better results in about half the time.
I can now complete any shoulder exercise pain free, have a more complete workout and couldnít be happier with how Iím shaping. I noticed a definite difference and it only took about three to four weeks. Look and feel they way YOU want. Darrin can help you achieve that. He has a diet and exercise plan that will be customized for you and the results are amazingly fast.- LeAndro 

Darin is great at motivating me to get started and what I needed to do. He is very knowledgeable with exercises and wrote many exercise routines for me to use for now.-Sandy 

I already have many health concerns, MS, Lupus, bad knees, shoulders. and now mostly confined to a wheelchair. I use a massage therapist to help relieve some pain, periodically, that lives nearby. Darin came to see me and after only one training session, my shoulder would always pop before and hurt but, it popped a little, didnít hurt. I asked the massage therapist and they noticed it was going back into itís socket now, with no pain. Now distance is a bit of a problem but I wish I could have Darin help me more to fix my shoulder and to get me feeling better all around. - Mary 

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