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Specialized For Local Area, Fitness Training Programs

General In Gym Fitness Training Programs

Specialized For Local Area, Business Fitness Training Programs




Life Long Weight Loss Program-(In person)

At least average 2 pounds loss per week. 

We welcome group training at work, public place, gym. (with-in a 50 mile radius)

- Get onsite personal training sessions. Yes, we will come to your work, house, gym, etc.( 1 hour training session per week program in person and, weekly help online)

-We will give you the encouragement to achieve your goals and make a life long change, so you won't gain the weight back. 

- We will teach you how to conquer your weight loss and conquer your body or your money back for the program. (Details)

-We have delicious supplements for those hunger cravings and to elevate the metabolism, promote fat loss. (supplements not included in price)

Regular workout schedule and  routine.

Body fat tracking and graphing by our ultrasound device.

Videos showing proper form for a lot of home exercises.
Online Nutritional Meals, Consultation, Grocery List and online help available. (Only in states where available)
 We are available to our clients 24/7, of course at training sessions and online help or questions. 
Online help to answer your questions with a one day turnaround via email. (questions or comments are encouraged to personalize your program.)

-We will keep the records for your progress, measurements-fat/muscle change for long term fat loss. 

Our Success is Only Your Success!

This discounted price is only good while the coupon is running. 

For 60 days. 

Our Special Price Only: $299.00 (Save $50.00 NOW! )

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For additional 30 days. 

Our Special Price Only: $79.00 (Save $50.00 NOW! On an extension program )

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(Some people may require a doctors release before starting the program.)

More details

Printable Health Questionnaire

Printable Nutrition Questionnaire



This program is discounted for less one-on -one fitness help than our other plans.


- Online meal plan and exercise videos or online data recording, measuring
- Printed Daily Meal Plan by notebook
- Printed Goal Planning by notebook
- 4 half hour Follow up Measurements Sessions
- Two One Hour Personal Training Sessions
- Basic Fitness Articles
- Graphs and Charts of Progress

Optional supplements, not included.


First Two Weeks with Trainer minimum of Three Times per week.

*Additional training sessions are not included in price.

Basic Plan

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For Only: $105.00 (Available in Northern Colorado Area Only)

Deluxe Plan

-8 More one Hour Personal Training Sessions (for a total of 10 sessions)

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For Only: $285.00 (Available in Northern Colorado Area Only)

Printable Health Questionnaire

Printable Nutrition Questionnaire

Online Weight Loss Programs Available


Health and Fitness Code:

Please consult your physician before performing any exercises.

At any time during your workout, if you feel faint, dizzy, loss of breath, or extra tired: Stop Exercising Immediately!